Reading Rainbow under the Redding Railroad

Hey all!

Gemini in Leo Dancing in the Sons Navi

Its Ale Llamos here, its a month before my first books comes out and i wanted to tell you a little more of what’s next after the book. I’m pretty sure you can read the book in a few hours.. so I made it so you can read it every day and listen to different music with it. So that’s pretty cool. Also there is a Instagram with it.. so if you connect the stories with the posts and the characters, new adventures happen everyday!

Let me tell you about the shadow and the light.

Once upon a time in Ancient Greece there was some shadows on the wall. They ruled the world of classics forever until technology came out. But the fiction of myth never dies. So it took one brave gang of Instagram characters to solve the crime together to correct all the mistakes. Its like auto-correct align.

Sooo. All this historical bullshit was just a series of illusionary obstacles to get around to find the truth. And God only knows that, at least they thought they did. You see they are only thoughts and I am the dream that weaves them.

So.. moving on.. the problem was well defined.. How do you beat the shadows on the wall. The best solution.. become a diamond and shoot rainbow light on the shadow. A perfect prism that shines rays of frequencies. But that takes coal millions of years under a lot of pressure to do. So it would take too long. Ummhn

.. so why don’t we just, I don’t know.. filter light! or even better get color changing LEDs.. that are even solar powered! Then we can get rid of those ambiguous shadows and paint them however we like.. That’s even better than becoming a diamond!

So its about shining rainbow light on shadows. So i thought of iridescent glass stair case at my office. It made me produce the coolest streaming content. So I bought a five dollar iridescent plastic transparent rainbow fanny pack! and put my phone in it and I was no longer afraid of the dark!

So those ugly shadows went away instead of cycling over and over again, that’s kind of stupid why be a circle when you can be a spiral right.. And that’s how the lost child grabbed the black hole at the edge of the abyss and turned into rainbow light, that is with LED lights and a five dollar fanny pack.. If you don’t believe, look at insta or snap.

For some earthlings its going to be difficult to follow the story lines because they are so lame. But I promise it will be like riding a llama on the beach with golden sunglasses. Ill create a map and you can follow the characters platforms on there. — Ale



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