Ale Llamos
3 min readMay 28, 2021



About to be won.

I saw a social meteorites shoot across the sky

Like the bug dipper leads to the little dipper

You have taken the big dip like the wedding singer

And you came out cleaner than oxiclean laundry

You used your secret password two stepping forty days of authentcatation

To take the rightful throne across the written nation

Your head lead the black parade

And you were Micky Mouse in disguise

As your social metorites crossed the skies

And its faster than waiting for hot July

Because the lions jewels were for the taking

The story is all but told

And its not read like words of old

For a thousand words fit in one picture

And a word projects a two thousand more colors

That are syntaxed by numbers that flow

Its all in the helio sequence that had taken great offence

At the pentagons great defence

So the rod has stuck the ring

And now we can all sing in victory.

Proof is in the posts for the one beloved the most

The llamas and rainbows lead to gold and lucky charms magic

Through music videos and steel stairs

The iridescent glass protected the memories

Like a scratched CD only repeats.

The double rainbows lead to forex gold

And a relieve of a debt so heavy it folds

Tears like waterfalls cannot contain

The elixir of love that is so profane

Now its pressing time for the final grapes of wrath

Time to go massive in the mass seduction

Whats written in code will soon explode

For its all in four shadows of halogen light

The night is coming to and end and the day is on its way

For endless nights of pro creation

For there is only one precious liquid fountain head

And an entire galaxy of planets to populate with perfect images of the boy who hurt.

And the fake thing called death is no more

For its was just the silence in the score

The actors can come out into the light

As green light of lime begins to shine

On a boy eating peanut butter M&Ms like its the last supper

As candy is so sweet

So eternal life is not quite free but its for eternity

Debts cannot be repaid with cash

But with biting apples and half and half

In bitter six dollar coffee

Leads to plants pot aflame

And the plans for a new garden of eden

In the back of a townhouse on west fourth

California is calling

For a new picture of american jean ethics and code

So let’s flip the world the write way up

Going postal is just enough to go all the way up

And the social meteorites fly

Like a constant comment on the big bang

And all the hidden content

With all the worlds good intent

And proof that this is happening

Was photosynthesis of lights and sounds and colors

All in won one bing bang started on Pi Day.




Ale Llamos

Film Maker screenshot writer working on a memoir